frequently asked questions:

Question: What are the active ingredients?


Answer: Thymol




Question: What is Thymol?


Answer: The thymol in steripod® is a pharmaceutical grade  compound found in many leading mouth wash brands.




Question: Is it toxic?


Answer: The material is non-toxic as long as the label is followed (don't ingest the tablet)




Question: Is the steripod® safe enough to use on my children's toothbrush who is 2 yrs. old?


Answer: Yes the steripod® is safe for children's toothbrushes. Please use adult supervision. Steripod® is not a toy.




Question: The steripod® has a scent when I opened the package.


Answer: The scent that you notice from the Steripod® device is from a material called thymol. Thymol is impregnated in the clean fresh smell.  Thymol is the same material that is used in many leading mouthwash brands.




Question: Is it Gluten Free?


Answer: Yes Steripod® is Gluten-Free.




Question: Is it BPA Free?


Answer: Yes the Steripod® has been tested and we use medical grade plastic.




Question: If purchasing for traveling do I still have to replace every 3 months even though I will only use a few times per year?


Answer: Yes you still need to replace every 90 days as the freshening vapours weaken over time once opened.




Question: Is it okay to wash my steripod®?


Answer: No.  You should not submerge your steripod® in water.  Remember to shake your toothbrush from excess water before using your steripod and replace your pod every 3 months.




Question: What if my steripod® becomes discolored?


Answer: You should discard your steirpod® if it becomes discolored.  Remember to shake your toothbrush from excess water before using your steripod® and replace your pod every 3 months.




Question: Can I travel with steripod®?


Answer: Yes.  Steripod® is safe to travel with and will keep your toothbrush protected from soap, dirt, and hair in the travel bag.




Question: Is it possible to recycle steripod®?


Answer: Yes.  You can recycle steripod® with your plastic recycling.




Question: Can I use my steripod® past 3 months for covering my toothbrush during travel?


Answer: You can continue to use your steripod® past 3 months; however it will not keep your toothbrush smelling clean and fresh.  The vapors weaken over time.












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